ÖRE-GORGG 2016 Merchandise

Use this page to order your official ÖRE-GORGG 2016 Merchandise, which will be available for pick-up at this year's GORGG when ordered by August 12, 2016. To order merchandise using PayPal, click on an "Add To Cart" button to specify a quantity for the corresponding item to buy. When finished, click on the "Buy Now" button at bottom to Checkout and pay for your order. All prices are in Euros/€.


Öre-GORGG T-Shirt


This year's ÖRE-GORGG 2016 t-shirt design is by Dan Bornemark.  T-shirts are available only in black.

IMPORTANT: Please order by AUGUST 12, 2016!!

Cost: 15.00€ (EUR) per t-shirt
Select the size and cut of your T-shirt:

Öre-GORGG Leather Bracelets


Hand made leather bracelets. The text reads "MITIS ARAFA", which is latin for Gentle Giant.

IMPORTANT: Please order by AUGUST 12, 2016!!

Cost: 12.00€ (EUR) each
Select your choice of metal: Steel Brass

Note: If you want a more customized leather product, feel free to order directly from Niklas' web site, www.axlbelt.com. He also makes dog necklaces and wonderful guitar straps.

Miniature Pantagruel clay mask


Miniature Pantagruel clay mask.
Original artwork by Lotta Fagrell, who created the clay mask for the CD cover of Out of the Fire! This miniature masterpiece measures 10x14 cm and Lotta has made a very special price for this event only of 45 Euros each.

IMPORTANT: Please order by AUGUST 12, 2016!!

Cost: 45.00€ (EUR) each
If you are attending ÖRE-GORGG 2016 (FREE shipping and handling), ordering by August 12, 2016,
and paying by PayPal, then click the "Buy Now" button below to check out and pay for your order...

If you are ordering AFTER August 12, 2016, OR you are NOT attending
ÖRE-GORGG 2016 (and you don't have a proxy-attendee to delivery your goods to you),
you can still click the "Buy Now" button and pay for your order, and Dan will contact
you about paying separately the additional shipping and handling.

If you prefer NOT to pay using PayPal, please contact Dan Bornemark
to discuss alternative payment methods. 

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