GORGG [remix] 17.0 2015 Merchandise
Pantagruel bust Pantagruel
This bust is a tribute to the classic Gentle Giant eponymous album cover.

Original illustration
George Underwood
3D clay adaption / molding
Jean-Pierre Bourgeois
Resin molding
W x H x D
6.75 x 8.875 x 6.125 in.
17.2 x 22.5 x 15.5 cm.
2.25 pounds
175.00 $ CAD + shipping

Each reproduction is numbered and signed.
Part of the profit from sale of this sculpture is used to help fund Montrealís GORGG [remix] 17.0 in 2015.

To purchase this collector's item, please contact Jean-Pierre: gg.pantagruel@gmail.com
GORGG [remix] 17.0 T-shirt front
GORGG [remix] 17.0 T-shirt back
T-shirt sold out

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